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Identify options eclipsed by implicit biases and status quo. ResOpt is a mathematical modeling tool that takes into account technical, economic and environmental aspects of complex systems to identify the single highest possible means of efficiency at the lowest cost. This decision-support technology is ideal for deployment, performance and scheduling for each structure involved in operations (e.g. water, hydropower, energy). Optimize control systems with this deterministic (or stochastic) model.

  • Deterministic Optimization

    Stochastic optimization is also possible. However, it requires a longer processing time since it accounts for some inherent randomness and results in an ensemble of different outputs. In contrast, deterministic models yield limited output because the model is fully determined by the parameter values and the initial conditions.

  • Drag and Drop Interface to Define Your Model System
    Conveniently define parameter values and initial conditions. 

  • Powerful Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE) Tools
    Optimize operations tasks using a mathematical model of Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP). Power (for optimizing deployment of the virtual power plant facility) thanks to its modelling interface specifically developed for the power sector. The expanded modelling concept of ResOpt available today is open to all resource streams.

  • Fast Processing Time
    Deterministic modeling yields results in a matter of minutes to a few hours, depending on the complexity of your defined system. Note: Stochastic preference requires a longer processing time since it accounts for some inherent randomness and results in an ensemble of different outputs. 

  • Identification of Options Previously Overlooked
    Often the terms simulation and optimization are mistakeningly used interchangeably. Simulation only evaluates alternatives under scenarios as they are identified by decision-makers or decision-influencers. Outcomes unfavored by participants in this system definition process and/or the lack of awareness of all possible solutions compromise the best possible results.  

  • Minimize Risk and Support the Most Beneficial Change
    Defensible decision-making relies on robust analytical platforms with high data throughput and calculation capacity to process all available information. 
  • Conveniently Share Results with Stakeholders
    via reporting and presentation capabilities

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