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Thetis Energy Ltd was formed to investigate the potential for the production of marine energy off the coast of Northern Ireland. Established in 2008 and wholly owned by B9 Energy Offshore Developments Ltd, the company aims to identify the feasibility for a utility-scale (100-200 MW), commercially viable marine tidal scheme near Torr Head, off the north east coast of Antrim, which could place Northern Ireland at the forefront of tidal energy development and help make a significant contribution to both NI and UK targets for producing renewable energy.


By harnessing energy resulting from tidal currents, water passing across the marine turbine’s blades can turn a rotor making electricity for onward transmission to shore and the Northern Ireland grid.

Surrounded by the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Northern Ireland has a recognised potential for the production of marine tidal energy. The conclusions from a substantial number of studies highlight that Northern Ireland has a considerable tidal current resource, mostly located on several sites along the north east coast, that have the potential to produce many hundreds of megawatts of energy for the supply of bulk electricity to the region.

The Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment announced the commencement of a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of Northern Ireland’s marine tidal resource on 2 December 2008. The draft results of the SEA were published in December 2009 by DETI for consultation in conjunction with a draft Strategic Action Plan for Northern Ireland's marine energy. Upon completion of the assessment, it is envisaged that the Crown Estate will make a call for proposals for marine tidal projects to which Thetis aims to respond.

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