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The forecast software combines CFD calculations and statistical learning to predict the wind energy production and to optimize wind farm O&M. Thanks to the downscaling of numerical weather predictions at the turbine level, get the forecast production for both the entire park and each turbine. Provide forecast production to the operator, being more precise in your business strategies and optimizing your O&M scheduling. Meteodyn can also provide custom reports with your forecast performance.

A plug-and-play forecast system…

  • Downscaling of the large scale wind conditions to the local scale
  • Consideration of air density, atmospheric stability, wakes effects
  • Consideration of individual availability of each wind turbine
  • 15 min step forecasts up to 10 days horizon
  • Computation of production forecast uncertainties
  • Automatic Neural Network correction based on advanced learning algorithms

… or a toolbox to build up your own forecast solution

  • Use meteodyn WT to characterize your site wind flow characteristics
  • Interface with your own meso-scale weather forecasts in meteodyn Forecast

  • Consideration of topographic effects at small scale thanks to the CFD technology
  • Automatic corrections of the errors relying on learning from measurements (ANN)
  • Easy to use forecast analysis and calibration tool, clear and user-friendly interface
  • Forecasts for any location in the world
  • High-quality support ensured by our experts to help our clients at each step of their projects (expert support)
  • Meteodyn R&D Department is continuously conducting forecasting research programs to improve forecast data accuracy and reduce forecast error.

The solution chosen by more than 100 wind farms in the world!

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