- Wind Resource Assessment CFD Software


The wind flow modelling software for wind resource assessment, Annual Energy Production evaluation, site suitability and turbine layout analysis, energy production optimization, maintenance costs and turbines lifespan validation. A great number of wind farm developers, consultants, manufacturers, wind farm operators and investors already use meteodyn WT. Wind farm modelling software aims to simulate the energy production of a proposed or existing wind farm. Meteodyn uses CFD computations more accurate, particularly in complex terrains. We perform wind farm resource assessment using data analysis and modelling with meteodyn WT. Moreover, we help you to interpret the information from your wind resource assessment report.


An accurate and full assessment of the wind characteristics

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Wind inflow angle
  • Ambiant turbulence intensity
  • Vertical wind profile
  • Energy density
  • Wind shear


 to design more profitable wind farms

  • Wind rose and Weibull distribution at each point
  • Automatic correction of the power curves according to air density
  • Use of multiple met masts in a single calculation
  • Estimation of the production inculding wake effects
  • Evaluation of the mechanical constraints
  • Site suitability analysis according to IEC 61400
  • Full integration of mesoscale data in the microscale results
  • Calculation of losses and production incertainties
  • Automatic split-up of large sites into subdomains

  • Accurate CFD calculations in any kind of terrains, including the most complex. The automatic mesh with refinement at the key locations and the multigrid coupled solver, guarantee this accuracy as well as the convergence.
  • Consideration of atmospheric thermal stability
  • Forest models
  • Calculation ability over very large domains or very important wind farms (The only limiting factor is the available memory of the calulator)
  • Speed of calculation unequaled thanks to the MIGAL solver and to the modelling choices


  • The project is easily managed thanks to a user-friendly graphical interface
  • A high-quality support ensured by our experts to help our clients at each step of their projects (expert support)
  • Regular updates and developments referring to users needs  and tests performed with our partners: Maïa Eolis,  China Bureau of Meteorology, Leosphère, Natural Power, Windpro, AWS Truepower, Meteogroup…

  • Online service for the regional climatology downloading
  • Short and very short-term production forecast thanks to the coupling meteodyn WT – meteodyn Forecast


Correction of Lidar raw data in complex terrain

Spatial variations of  the horizontal and vertical wind speeds lead to errors in the wind speed assessment by the Lidar. These errors can be corrected by the accurate evaluation of the wind characteristics on the measuring cone. Contact-us to know available formats.


2, 4, or 63 processors. You can run multiple calculations simultaneously and reduce your computation time from 2 to 8 depending on the configuration

Directional computations can be distributed on several servers while keeping the projects accessible to the engineers from their own laptop or desktop


Automatic split-up of large sites into subdomains and automatic integration of mesoscale data


Wind production forecast (including forecasting mesoscale data subscription)

  • Annual license
  • Perpetual license
  • Trial license: 1 month license

  • OS: XP – Windows 7 – Vista – Windows 2012
  • RAM: mini 8 Gb / recommended 16 Gb
  • Processor: mini 2GHz
  • Multiprocessor: Mini dual core / recommended 64 bits
  • Graphical card: Mini 256 Mb / recommended 512 Mb

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