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- Virtual Energy Production, Performance and Consumption Tool


The monitor feature is a simple to use energy cost and consumption monitoring solution as well as an asset management platform that simultaneously analyses energy production with financial performance.

Available on Google Play

  • Virtual energy management

  • Receive notifications when usage falls outside of set tolerances

  • Quantify carbon footprint in compliance with regulatory requirements, CRC, ISO50001

  • Manage and monitor consumption and costs, designed specifically for large multi-site groups

  • Generate invoices based on sub metering data, ideal for facilities management companies

  • Improve transparency with itemised reporting that lists all components of energy costs

  • Validate invoices for multi-utilities

  • Compares different sites/regions using a ‘league table’ facility, encouraging responsibility at local level

  • Suite of consumption and cost reporting services

  • Bespoke dashboard to measure energy consumption against operational performance

  • Display complex data in simple graphical form

  • User-friendly dashboard

  • Intuitive navigation

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