Nomination Management



The increasing process speed in contract handling, the large number of products and contracts as well as the extensive communication required with every business partner are special features of the European energy market. To operate efficiently and therefore remain competitive is both a challenge and an essential requirement for all market participants. With our solution MTS SSO Nomination, we help you to meet these challenges. MTS SSO Nomination offers complete commercial storage capacity management with a communication link to market partners.

Benefit from the Support of the Following Processes and Functions

  • Receipt, checking and processing of nominations
  • Review of storage contracts and storage capacities
  • Dynamic limit calculation from contract- and capacity-specific storage curves
  • Curtailment using a variety of procedures according to product definition
  • Matching with transmission system operators
  • Maintenance of working gas volume levels for each contract and storage capacity
  • Receipt and despatch of electronic business messages with support of market-standard and customer-specific protocols and formats

How You Benefit from MTS SSO Nomination

  • Efficient implementation of the entire commercial nomination process
  • Operational excellence in business and technical logistic processes
  • Smooth support of up- and downstream processes
  • Certainty thanks to reliable message flow to all business partners
  • Improved market reputation as reliable partner for process management

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