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Energy industry Software

  • RSG - Shared Knowledge Tools

    RSG’s technology solutions specialize in building software tools that collect data, support analysis, share results, and promote communication. These tools are used to enhance and streamline business processes, focus business energy on critical areas, and make the best use of existing data in decision-making.

    By Resource Systems Group Inc. (RSG) based in White River Junction, VERMONT (USA). from Custom Software Development Software line

  • iTerate - Collaboration Tool

    The iTerate platform provides administrators, technicians, service representives & trainees with the tools needed for powerful and seamless real-time collaboration in both the installation & servicing environments. Asynchronous collaboration, while very useful in forms like email and text messaging, quickly looses its effectiveness in ...

    By NOVEDA Technologies, Inc. based in Bridgewater, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Sustainability Education - Smart User Software line

  • Sunny Explorer - Software

    Switch on notebook or PC, activate the Bluetooth interface, start Sunny Explorer - and you have your PV plant status right at your fingertips. This free PC software is the ideal supplement to the new Sunny Boy generation: the essential plant data is displayed on your PC or notebook - thanks to Bluetooth, simply and wirelessly. Sunny Explorer also ...

    By SMA Solar Technology AG based in Niestetal, GERMANY.

  • Elgama Sistemos - Version REEKS 4.5 - Software Packet

    Software allows to select an optimal compesation mode, specify the measure count, data averaging, priorities, reactive power control or control the selected condenser batteries manually.

    By Elgama Sistemos Ltd based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA.

  • PowerScape - Version LMS-5700 - Energy Mangement System Software

    The LMS-5760 and LMS-5770 software packages are part of the PowerScape Energy Mangement System and consists of two major components: the SQL database and the charting/reporting software. The database automatically aggregates data collected from one or more designated sites. Data is easily retrieved to generate the required charts and ...

    By Enetics, Inc. based in Victor, NEW YORK (USA). from PowerScape System - PowerNodes Software line

  • Speed - Version LDS-1050 - Field Station Software

    The SPEED Field Station resides on a laptop computer, and provides capabilities for direct data collection, configuration of recorders, and diagnostic. The software package runs under Windows. The Field Station is selected when it is impossible or impractical to utilize existing phone service to upload recorder data. Although non-essential, it can ...

    By Enetics, Inc. based in Victor, NEW YORK (USA). from Speed System Software line

  • d4Developer - Programming Software

    d4Developer is a tool developed by Dasa for programming the special logic and codes necessary for controlling specific models or units. The tool has two main functions:   d4DCL is used for configuring the component hardware, for defining the variables and for writing the logic necessary for controlling a specific model or unit.

    By Dasa Control Systems AB based in Växjö, SWEDEN.

  • Other Software

    By PennWell MAPSearch Corporation based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Entronix - Multiple Dashboards Software

    The Entronix platform includes multiple dashboards to suit a variety of user needs. Dashboards can easily be created by the individual end user based on their particular need and then quickly shared with others. By default, the system has pre-programmed financial, technical and consumption-based dashboards.

    By Entronix based in Kenner, LOUISIANA (USA). from Others Software line

  • PowerBill - Utility Rates and Energy Simulations Software

    Build the intelligence of WattPlan into your energy applications. The PowerBill API delivers programmatic access to utility rates, bill calculations and energy simulations.

    By Clean Power Research based in Kirkland, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Clean Power Estimator

    An interactive online tool that shows potential owners how much money and energy they could save with a renewable energy system.

    By Clean Power Research based in Kirkland, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • EcoSmart - Recovery Time Technology

    EcoSmart utilizes a patented Recovery Time™ algorithm that allows the room temperature to drift for energy savings while rooms are not occupied, but returns to the occupant selected setpoint within a predefined number of minutes. Recovery Time continuously calculates how far the temperature can drift and still return to the setpoint within the ...

    By Telkonet Inc. based in Waukesha, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Airflield Lighting Software

    The MTECH systems lighting control software is a sub-module for the MITAS software package. The module allows for control of small, medium and large lighting systems through either otpo-isolated or networked interfaces with the runway lighting control hardware. The software has been proven to work with systems from all major suppliers of runway ...

    By MTECH Systems Pty Ltd based in Braeside, AUSTRALIA.

  • routeMASTER - Version API - Back Office Systems

     Rapidly and easily connect to existing back office systems with routeMASTER web services. Enables automatic syncing of job data between systems, and also enables the routing alogirithms to be utilised in your existing platform. Use your existing TMS solution and benefit from routeMASTER‘s job dispatch solution with advanced routing and ...

    By AGM Telematics Ltd. based in Corby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Routemaster API

     Rapidly connect to existing back office systems easily with routeMASTER web services. This enables automatic syncing of job data between systems and also enables the routing algorithms to be utilised in your existing platform.

    By AGM Telematics Ltd. based in Corby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • VE-Navigator - Version GM Pro - Groundbreaking Software

    A professional solution for a comprehensive Green Mark assessment. Provide a guided step-by-step route to assessing the performance elements of the Green Mark system. Ensure no action is missed and allow items to be easily picked up from any point. Simplify the assessment process by making decision-making easy at every step of the project, even at ...

    By Integrated Environmental Solutions Limited (IES) based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • FabLinksuite - Version V6.0 - Universal Interface Softare

    THE UNIVERSAL SECS/GEM-, PV02- AND EDA-INTERFACE FOR YOUR MACHINE CONTROL SYSTEM. FabLinksuite is your standards-compliant solution for SECS/GEM interfaces for vertical integration of production equipment in a factory. The FabLinksuite is mainly used in the photovoltaic and semiconductor industry, PCBs as well as in the LED, flat panel and OLED ...

    By AIS Automation Dresden GmbH based in Dresden, GERMANY. from Equipment Integration Software line

  • Nomination Management

    The increasing process speed in contract handling, the large number of products and contracts as well as the extensive communication required with every business partner are special features of the European energy market. To operate efficiently and therefore remain competitive is both a challenge and an essential requirement for all market ...

    By EXXETA AG based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY. from Storage Software line

  • PV*SOL - 2D Design Tool for Simulating Photovoltaic System

    PV*SOL is the 2D design tool for simulating photovoltaic system performance. It is a fully-featured program for those who don't wish to use 3D to model shading and visualise the landscape.

    By The Solar Design Company based in Powys, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • GEMA - Trading Module & Strategy Engine Software

    GNARUM has developed a modular vertical solution running on SAP that combines its own forecasting engine based on highly accurate, in-house developed algorithms with an operational module that allows for the interaction with energy SPOT markets. The solution is also complemented with a reporting area that provides detailed analysis and performance ...

    By Gnarum based in Madrid, SPAIN.

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