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Use Polysun Standard as a quick designing tool for your sales and consultancy purposes. Take your pick from more than 1,000 energy concept templates at your fingertips, then modify them quickly and easily according to your needs and projects. Polysun Standard is the ideal sales and design tool. Design photovoltaic, heat pump and solar thermal installations as well as combined installations quickly and easily. Win the trust of your customers using professional, in-depth reports that come with a profitability calculation.

Polysun Standard features
Polysun Wizard

The Polysun Wizard helps you in the quick and efficient design of energy concepts, making use of more than 1,000 templates (including those designed for companies) at your fingertips, and giving you access to comprehensive product catalogues with manufacturer-specific or anonymized products.

Acknowledged reports

Use the acknowledged reports Polysun Standard provides, both in the technological and the economic field, when presenting to your customer or when communicating with banks or authorities granting subsidies.

System comparison made simple

The new system comparison lets you compare different versions of a system for their technical and economical potential at a glance. Use these comparisons as the basis of an investment decision or for optimizing an existing system.

Numerous standard templates

Polysun Standard offers templates containing solar thermal collectors, air-to-water, brine-to-water and water-to-water heat pumps, cooling units, conventional heating technology, thermal short term and seasonal storage, ground-source loops, ground storage tanks, ice storage tanks, thermal consumers of domestic hot water, heating, cooling, swimming pools and process heat, co-generation units, combined heat and power generation, PVT collectors, photovoltaic modules, inverters, batteries, electric power load profiles, e-mobility and many more.

New features
Profitability reports

The most recent version allows for the integration of dynamic electricity consumption profiles (with supply and feed-in tariffs according to the time of use). Within minutes, you will be able to create detailed profitability reports with meaningful key figures and reasons that might trigger the buying decision, such as payback time, expenses saved by photovoltaics, net present value etc.

Energy flow diagrams

The new energy flow diagram makes the depiction of energy flows, both thermal and electrical, possible.

Integration of Polysun Designer templates with programmable controllers

Polysun Standard now also includes templates with programmable controllers (such as template 50u: electric vehicle, bidirectional, with programmable load controller). The templates can be simulated according to the data of your project.

Battery model PerMod

Until now, lithium-ion batteries were simulated using the KiBAM mathematical model. Now you can also choose the PerMod mathematical model for lithium-ion batteries.

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