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Short-term production optimisation. Powel Optimal Hydropower is an optimisation tool used for short-term planning in hydropower systems. Short-term planning is production planning with time horisons of up to a few weeks, with the purpose of utilising the water in manner that maximises the revenues for the produced power. Powel Optimal Hydropower is based on a deterministic mixed integer optimisation model. It is able to produce optimal solutions with a near-optimality guarantee in a moderate execution time.

  • Based on mixed integer linear optimisation model
  • Detailed model of the hydro-power system (reading models from Sim)
  • Start and stop costs of turbines
  • Representation of the hydro network with simple components
  • Piece-wise linear head-volume relationship for reservoirs
  • Concave piece-wise linear head-dependent production functions
  • Explicit handling of power swaps (Swedish: Kraftbyte)
  • Flexible time resolution (varying coarseness)
  • Time-dependent limits for water levels, production, release, bypass
  • Produces plans with even spill over time
  • Full representation of primary, secondary and tertiary asymmetric reserve requirements (FCR-N, FCR-D, FRR, RR).
  • Possibility to optimise against capacity prices for in the different reserve markets.
  • Tactical limits for reservoir content
  • Tactical limits for reservoir release (including spill)
  • Piece-wise linear (cut) representation value of reservoir end-content which may be separable (multi-step) or not.
  • Optimisation engine can be put on separate server.

  • Realistic model of the bid situation
  • Integrated with the Powel Smart Energy platform but also available as an independent module.
  • Detailed hydrological description
  • Moderate solution times
  • Seamless integration with mid-term planning as well as with dispatch.
  • One common system description for short- and mid-term planning
  • Flexible, transparent model

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