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Build the intelligence of WattPlan into your energy applications. The PowerBill API delivers programmatic access to utility rates, bill calculations and energy simulations.

Instantly calculate electric bills with accuracy
Given actual load data or estimated load profiles, PowerBill instantly constructs electric bill details with line-item level details. Alternatively, if you know total energy consumption or have a bill total, PowerBill will work backwards to estimate bill details.

Analyze and optimize financial and energy savings
PowerBill returns electric bills detailed by time-of-use, tier and demand charges. Use this information to propose renewable energy systems, select optimal rate structures or analyze the savings impacts of energy efficiency methods.

Whether you have an exact load profile or an estimated yearly consumption, PowerBill will calculate an accurate electric bill based on data from similar types of users near your location.

Complete solution
With a variety of options for rate retrieval, electric bill and energy usage calculations, PowerBill provides a complete solution for the application developer who needs to determine the electric bill impact of any technology that produces, consumes or saves electricity.

Estimate with confidence
PowerBill draws on Clean Power Research’s industry leading analytics and nationwide database of residential and commercial electric rates, along with reference load profiles, to generate objective estimates that are specific to each customer.

Plans & pricing
PowerBill is available on a subscription basis as a backend web-service that can be seamlessly integrated into your software application. A web-based PowerBill interface is also available. Contact Us for more information.

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