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Production Performance Management



Powered by Pavilion8® software platform, Pavilion’s Production Performance Management applications provide instantaneous and predictive assessment of plant production performance to enable proactive decision making. Leveraging Pavilion’s Model Predictive Intelligence™ (MPI) technology, PPM utilizes production process models that more accurately represent current and future operational performance than simple arithmetic calculation techniques. PPM improves the timeliness and accuracy of decision making, delivering greater profitability through opportunity identification and cost avoidance.

Like other Pavilion8 applications, PPM is pre-packaged by industry vertical and can be quickly configured to calculate and store predicted and real-time metrics related to costs, yields, capacity, quality and margins. Metrics may be visualized by role within the Pavilion8 browser-based interface or via third-party applications such as SAP’s xAPP for Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (xMII). In addition, leveraging the open ISA95 standard, PPM can be bi-directionally integrated with planning systems like SAP’s MySAP ERP via the Pavilion8-based web services interface.

Enterprise Performance Metrics:

  • Assess the financial impact of manufacturing operations relative to corporate business objectives. Facilitates proactive decision-making by executive management to capitalize on dynamic business conditions.
    • Example metrics: Production rate versus capacity by product, production line, plant, overall energy costs / usage, profit margin by product, production line, plant

Plant-level Performance Metrics:

  • Evaluate the overall plant-level production performance with consolidated metrics from various process areas. Provides plant management with real-time and predictive metrics for production optimization.
    • Example metrics: Total plant production, capacity utilization, first pass yield, average energy use, standard deviation from customer specification.

ValueFirst® Performance Metrics:

  • Validate the performance of Pavilion’s MPC applications relative to expected benefits. Provides management an unambiguous measure of the value derived from the application.
    • Example metrics: Product yield, reduction in variability, energy usage/ unit processes

Controller Performance Metrics:

  • Monitor the performance of Pavilion’s Model Predictive Control (MPC) applications. Provides process engineers greater insight into controller effectiveness.
    • Example metrics: Control utilization, time at constraints, desired value error

To thrive in today’s competitive and dynamic business climate, manufacturers must proactively address changing customer needs, strong global competition, dynamic supply networks and new demands from shareholders and regulatory agencies.

Successful manufacturers are differentiating themselves by adopting an agile, demand-driven manufacturing approach that is highly customer and market focused. The results? Improved product margins, higher yield, enhanced product quality and increased customer satisfaction.

Pavilion’s Production Performance Management (PPM) applications enable demand-driven manufacturing for best-in-class companies.

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