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proWAVE software is an Oceanlinx tool which allows one to model a wave energy converter (WEC) as a fully integrated system including oscillating water column (OWC), turbine, generator, flywheel, and all manner of controls features.

How it works?

  • proWAVE solves a system of differential equations for water elevation inside the OWC, air pressure in the air chamber, and the OWC’s structural elevation itself (for the floating product) in real time.
  • proWAVE allows one to:
  • Predict pneumatic power delivered by any OWC with various geometries and configurations
  • Predict electric power (instant, average, or annual) depending on ocean wave history
  • Analyze water elevation inside any OWC, as well as the OWC’s structural elevation in real time
  • Perform all manner of quick analyses
  • Analyze and optimize various control strategies for turbines and generators.

Interesting facts about proWAVE

  • Input ocean wave history may be presented either as an excel file with two columns, wave elevation versus time, or as an occurrence matrix based on wave period Tp (sec) and height Hs (m). A pre-defined matrix structure is not required, as proWAVE converts the input data into a standardized format.
  • proWAVE contains a database of regular and irregular wave histories for various Hs and Tp. Therefore, all that is needed for the prediction of annual energy production for any site is an occurrence matrix related to that site - proWAVE will do the rest.
  • OWCs are defined by a set of input parameters, such as geometry, water depth, buoyancy, center line length, and others.
  • Turbine and generator characteristics are presented by so-called turbine performance and generators curves.
  • All results are presented graphically in real time and recorded in a file called Protocol. The user is able to analyze any details at a later time.
  • Motions of waves outside and inside the OWC, along with the OWC itself, are animated. The user can observe moving pictures which are very close to reality.

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