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Now in version 2016, the industry's foremost 3D simulation program offers the most detailed configuration and shade analysis for PV systems. With PV*SOL premium 2016 you can position and size 3D objects to accurately determine the effects on photovoltaic performance of shading from nearby objects.

Shading analysis with 3D modelling:

PV*SOL premium contains all the features of PV*SOL with the addition of detailed 3D modelling. Compare the two different PV*SOL versions on our comparison page 'Which PV*SOL is for me?'

PV*SOL 2016 summary of features:

PV*SOL premium contains all the features of the non-premium PV*SOL version and additionally has:

  • 3D shading animation
  • Module coverage on multiple surfaces with millimetre precision
  • 3D imagery into client reports
  • Creates 3D buildings and objects based on imported floor maps and plan drawings
  • Copy 3D buildings with all features and inverter configurations
  • Create 3D polygon and irregular structures
  • Automatic save function
  • Visualization of the roof structure by displaying rafters and battens
  • 3D visualization dimensioning exportable as (*.dxf) to most CAD programs
  • Single and dual axis physically tracking
  • Off-Grid systems design of SMA products

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