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Residential Solar Installers Software


Looking to grow your solar business, operate more efficiently, and access financing? Partner with the leading solar software platform to watch your business grow and your team hit a higher gear!

Solar software for residential installers & sales teams

  • Accelerate solar sales
  • Access solar financing
  • Streamline workflows
Accelerate solar sales

What if your team could generate more proposals in less time and those proposals had a higher close rate? With a cumbersome and confusing sales process, your sales team spends more time troubleshooting than selling and closing.

With Sighten, your sales team can move faster while generating more accurate and professional proposals. Get in front of more prospects and close more customers!

Access solar financing

Are you looking for new solar financing programs to grow your business? Are you tired of using financier software that isn’t intuitive and confuses your team? You might be letting financing options put a brake on your growth and efficiency.

With Sighten, you can access all types of financing - PACE, PPA, loans, cash - in a single, intuitive solar software platform. Simplify your financing processes while increasing choice and speed!

Streamline solar workflows

Are you constantly moving between a CRM tool, Excel, design software, and several financing portals just to generate a proposal? With a fragmented toolset, training is hard, mistakes become more frequent, and fewer deals move forward.

Sighten streamlines your lead to install process with a single platform for all calculations, workflows, and documents. You’ll run more efficiently and your team will be grateful!


Sighten makes it easy to manage your entire solar sales, financing, installation process in a single software platform. Accelerate your solar business while increasing efficiency with an end-to-end solution purpose-built for residential solar companies.

Solar CRM

Sighten’s embedded CRM tools enable your sales team to easily manage a large and fast-moving pipeline. Create leads and project sites with easy address lookup that pulls data for utilities, incentives, weather, and typical energy usage.   

Solar design software

Remotely design all types of solar systems and get solar production estimates in minutes. Create multiple design options for a project site, fine tune designs with panel deletions, setbacks, and keepouts, and select a custom system photo for use in the proposal.

Solar financing

Make quotes for cash or any of your supported financing options for an easy side by side savings comparison. Our quote tool supports pricing for solar financing - loan, PACE, lease, and PPA. Create as many quotes as you’d like then select which to showcase in a proposal.

Solar proposals

Quickly deliver polished and professional proposals. We have proposal options you can customize to suit your company & brand. Sighten includes federal & state tax credits, rebates, SRECs, and feed-in tariffs so you can get the most accurate savings numbers.

Solar contracts & documents

Send out documents for signature and get deals closed. You can email documents directly to the customer for e-signature or download documents for an in-person signing. Sighten centralizes all your sales and install documents so it’s easy to keep track of your projects.

Project management & reporting

Make it easy to hand off deals from sale to install. Sighten's ops platform lets you track all post-sale project tasks, approvals, and other operations through to completion. You’ll be able stay up to date on deal progress and boost visibility across your team and partners.

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