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- Fleet Monitor Software for Wind Turbine Health Monitoring


InSight Fleet Monitor is Romax’s web-based hardware independent software for wind turbine health monitoring. It enables an entire global fleet of turbines - whatever the turbine type or condition monitoring system (CMS) - to be monitored using a single software platform, and eliminates any problems created by moving between disparate systems.

  • Uses data from existing CMS and SCADA systems plus lubrication and operations and maintenance (O&M) data to provide a complete picture of turbine health
  • Faults can often be detected as far as 12 months in advance of a failure
  • O&M expenditure is reduced by scheduling multiple maintenance activities together
  • Higher revenue can be achieved through reduced downtime and increased generation

Designed with global access and collaboration in mind, Fleet Monitor enables site managers, asset management teams and condition monitoring centres to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

From turbine condition monitoring to fault diagnostics, predictive maintenance and end-of-warranty support, we are the wind turbine and fleet monitoring experts:

  • The world’s leading independent wind turbine condition monitoring services provider: over 2GW of wind turbine data analyzed
  • Over 40% of the UK offshore fleet is supported by InSight health monitoring and analysis
  • Patented life model technology to predict the remaining useful life of drivetrain components - providing 2-3 years advance warning for scheduling maintenance
  • The world’s leading independent designer of wind turbine drivetrains and gearboxes
  • 33 DNV GL certified wind turbine designs in production ranging in capacity from 750 kW to 6 MW plus
  • Developing world class software for over 25 years

InSight Fleet Monitor:

  • Hardware and software independent so all turbines can be monitored efficiently and effectively via a single platform
  • Proven analysis techniques such as time domain trending, FFT, envelope, cepstrum and time synchronous averaging enable faults to be detected early - so repair costs are minimized
  • Unified and easy to understand view across all wind drivetrain data streams including CMS, SCADA, maintenance logs and lubrication analysis data
  • All data are stored and backed-up securely: many CMS automatically decimate historical data, but with Fleet Monitor no historical data are discarded
  • Libraries of tried and tested alarm rules based on our experience of monitoring more than 2GW of wind turbines mean more advanced warnings and fewer false alarms
  • Remaining useful life models: innovative prognostic techniques enable forecasts up to 3 years ahead, so operations and maintenance budgets can be based on real data rather than guess work
  • Automated alarm thresh holding that embeds best practice
  • Powerful alarm configuration resulting in confident diagnoses of the turbine condition
  • Automated reporting so condition monitoring engineers can focus on what really matters

Improve wind turbine reliability, extend lifespan, reduce costs

InSight Fleet Monitor software delivers measurable benefits for wind energy companies, operators, site managers and asset managers around the world, onshore and off.

  • Another way to help you optimize power generation – and help reduce the cost of energy
  • Improve wind farm profitability, both offshore and onshore
  • Increase revenue by improving turbine uptime
  • De-risk operations and continuously improve operational capability
  • Predict potentially costly issues and understand failure modes
  • Reveal the root cause of problems
  • Optimize Operations & Maintenance (O&M) activity
  • Improved planning for remedial actions and proactive improvements
  • Gain far greater visibility in planning and budgeting for expensive pre-emptive maintenance
  • Benefit from expertise in multiple turbine types and diverse CMS and SCADA systems

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