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- Version 4 Professional - Windows Based Software for Hydropower Projects


SIMAHPP 4 Professional is the latest release of SIMAHPP series. SIMAHPP 4 Professional is an easy to use windows based simulation tool to evaluate the feasibility of hydropower projects. It is initially designed to simulate small hydropower systems of up to 10 MW but now, thanks to the newly added financial module, it can also simulate larger hydropower systems with a capacity of more than 10 MW.

SIMAHPP 4 Professional is a multi-site, multi-option simulator intended to solve a wide range of problems such as to determine design flows and to choose appropriate hydro turbine, optimize time of operation in a year so as to maximize annual energy production, determine the energy revenue, estimate investment and related costs, determine amortization rates, Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), payback periods, and indicates the quantity of carbon emission reduction potential if the planned hydropower project is to be operational. SIMAHPP 4 Professional offers much flexible simulation options and integrates a new module to conduct sensitivity analysis.

Outputs are detailed project characterisitics and result analysis (both tabular and graphical) basd on three key parameters: hydraulic, financial, and environmental parameters. The sensitivity analysis module helps to further customize project characterisitcs information to the desired range of key parameters and investment costs.

With SIMAHPP 4 professional, users have full control on all input parameters of various project scenarios and possibilities and can see results with a wide range of analysis and graphical demonstrations. The program has five major sections: advanced file manager, project options, hydraulic, financial, and environmental modules, and the Simulator.

SIMAHPP graphical interface has the following key features:

  • Simulate small and large hydropower systems
  • Simulate single to multi-site hydropower systems
  • Multi-criteria project evaluation: hydraulic evaluation, financial evaluation, and environmental evaluation
  • Conduct sensitivity analysis (New)
  • Enhanced financial module for flexible investment cost simulation
  • Multi-flow data editor
  • Variable head- and tailwater elevations editor
  • Wide range of turbine efficiency selections
  • Wide range of project service life selections
  • More than 140 currency options and user defined exchange rate
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Save, Preview and print results
  • Format option for graph types, colors
  • Advanced file manager for ease placement and retrieval of files
  • Import older versions of SIMAHPP, i.e SIMAHPP v2xx and above
  • File backup option while importing older project file
  • Create SIMAHPP Project Exchange file (*.SPX)
  • Convert *.SPX to the SIMAHPP Project Root file *.SPR
  • Easy to use parameter editors
  • Online Help Contents and User's Guide
  • Technical support through our Support Desk
  • Interface background color preference
  • Quick guide dialog launch option

With SIMAHPP 4 Professional, users can determine the feasibility of the project based on the simulation results such as:

  • Investment costs
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Amortization plan on yearly or monthly basis
  • Payback period
  • Investment costs per system capacity
  • Carbon market revenue, etc.

On the technical aspect, SIMAHPP 4 Professional calculates:

  • Design flow
  • Power for a wide range of system efficiency
  • Maximized energy production using optimized system operation period
  • Appropriate turbine type for the simulated hydropower system

From the environmental point of view, SIMAHPP 4 Professional calculates the carbon emission reduction potential of the project based of user’s specific situations and conversion parameters.

SIMAHPP provides detailed simulation results to evaluate the feasibility of a hydropower project:

  • Presentation of project characteristics tables and more results
  • Presentation of more than 40 graphical outputs
  • Calculate design flow (Qd),
  • Calculate optimum time of use per year (%Td) to maximize power production,
  • Calculate power production,
  • Calculate energy Production as per Td,
  • Calculate energy revenue,
  • Calculate or simulate investment costs,
  • Calculate costs per capacity (kw, kwh),
  • Calculate Operation & Maintenance Costs,
  • Calculate amortization rate on yearly and monthly basis,
  • Calculate net present value (NPV),
  • Calculate internal rate of return (IRR),
  • Calculate payback period,
  • Calculate carbon emission reduction,
  • Calculate carbon market revenue,
  • Suggeste appropriate turbine type,

Graphical outputs

  • Plot flow hydrographs,
  • Plot flow-duration curve (FDC),
  • Plot head- and tailwater elevations,
  • Plot power-duration curve,
  • Plot energy production curves,
  • Plot design flow and % optimum time of operation per year
  • Plot total power / Energy production comparison
  • Plot investment costs, costs per capacity comparison
  • Plot payback period and amortization rate comparison
  • Plot carbon emission reduction comparison
  • Plot NPV and IRR comparisons

SIMAHPP is used by private and public companies as well as independent consultants from several countries. It continues to be a useful tool in various structures of the hydropower industry:

  • Consulting firms
  • Independent consultants and project managers
  • Educational institutions
  • Research institutions
  • Government offices
  • Turbine manufacturers

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