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The Site Mapper scans the barcodes of power optimizers and solar inverters to create a virtual map of a PV site, facilitating remote diagnostics through the SolarEdge monitoring portal.Following an easy sketch of the physical layout of a SolarEdge installation, the iPhone application uses the phone’s camera for scanning the barcodes. A match between the physical layout and the logic layout (string assignment) is created and then the layout is emailed to the SolarEdge support team for inclusion on the monitoring portal.

  • Tracks technical and financial performance of one or more SolarEdge PV systems
  • The solar monitoring software enables logical and physical PV site visualization at module-level
  • Accurate information about each individual module and about the system as a whole, enables quick fault detection and troubleshooting, efficient maintenance management, and site profitability analysis
  • Near real-time data as well as historical and aggregated data, comparative analysis diagnostics and a guided root-cause fault analysis
  • Configurable rule engine automatically detects problems, issues status reports and alerts via e-mail, and provides recommendations and suggested solutions
  • All data is logged and can be securely reviewed and analyzed at any time from any location
  • Interactive charts and site layout make it easy for installers to ensure a system is functioning properly after installation

All these enable integrators, installers, maintenance staff, and system owners to improve the site performance, maximize solar power harvesting and reduce maintenance costs by increasing system uptime and resolving faults more effectively.

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