Smart Grid - Integrates Plants and Systems


Within intelligent electricity networks, so-called smart grids, all areas communicate with each other from generation, via transport, storage and distribution up to consumption. Thanks to this communication, the different areas can be coordinated to, for example, avoid electricity transmission constraints, reduce or balance load on the grids and ensure the security of electricity supply.

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We support grid operators with our hardware and software solutions provided by IDSpecto and assist in building up smart grids – efficiently and economically. Our modules and components can be combined flexibly to meet individual scenarios thus integrating perfectly into existing structures and systems or even creating completely new conditions.

Realizing high-functional smart grids requires close interaction between measuring and communication technology and network management. Solutions that capture and record measured values directly at generation or consumption and provide these values immediately, deliver comprehensive grid status details in real time which can be used by numerous applications.

The benefits of your solutions: you can keep existing field as well as system technology and are able to use the communication infrastructure more efficiently.

Switching and regulation of plants and decentralized consumers
Energy companies and municipalities use recorded measured values, among other things, as basis for secure energy supply. In cooperation with IDSpecto.scadalink, the grid control centre receives exact information in real time about conditions and states in the field and is thus able to balance consumption and generation almost immediately.

May it be operating virtual power plants or managing feed-in quantities – switch actions can be taken quickly in case of faults, disturbances or maintenance thereby paying attention to the particular situation and considering feed-in and load. These switch actions can even be executed via smart meter gateways as soon as smart metering systems are in use.

Direct marketing and compensation payment
Since the German law EEG 2014 has come into force on 1 August 2014 every new plant with an installed power of more than 500kW must feature direct marketing. Effective from 1 January 2016, this will also apply for plants with an installed power of 100kw. Obligatory direct marketing does not apply to already existing plants.

We offer project-specific solutions for new as well as for existing plants not only realizing the technical priority regulations and introducing your plants into direct marketing but also enabling automated calculation of compensation payment in accordance with BNetzA (German Federal Network Agency).

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