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Software for Consultants Edition



Already used by some of the UK’s largest energy consultancies, the optima™ Consultants’ Edition provides over 30 additional features on top of the standard package, all designed to streamline the process of managing customer data.

The software simplifies data management for consultants by providing easily managed access to all customer data within one robust, secure, multi-user database platform. Unwieldy, time-consuming spreadsheet soup is a thing of the past.

Consultants use the software for bill validation, managing renewals and contract analysis, setting and reporting on customer budgets, monitoring and targeting and energy management reports.

Reports can be branded with the Consultant logo and when used in conjunction with the task scheduler, reports can be generated automatically and emailed out directly to customers. By maintaining all of the data in one location, it’s also possible to grant Consultant customers secure access to view their data.

  • Robust, secure, multi-user database platform
  • Work more efficiently
  • Increased service offering
  • Generate additional revenue streams
  • Over 100 standard reports
  • Produces standard documents
  • Customer access to their data
  • Includes your company logo on reports for professional touch
  • Increases your capability and credibility at the bidding stage
  • Log user activity with Audit Trail for security and data management

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