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SootOpt works in conjunction with existing soot blowing controls and instrumentation - from simple PLC-based controls to advanced ISB systems. By using adaptive modeling, expert rules, and thermodynamic calculations SootOpt optimizes the activity of these systems. SootOpt determines the actions that will optimally balance the unit's heat rate, reliability, and NOx objectives and dynamically identifies the most effective boiler cleaning equipment and take actions in real-time. SootOpt's objective is to clean each boiler zone with the optimal frequency - not too much or too little. To determine and pursue optimal cleaning frequency, SootOpt uses steam and gas temps, spray-flows, combustion control settings, load, etc., and can use data from more advanced instrumentation such as strain-gauges, flux instruments, fuel analysis, and manually entered data such as slag accumulation.

SootOpt's flexibility allows it to respond to the ever-changing nature of today's power plants. Optimization goals and constraints can be easily modified to incorporate new controls and objectives, or to address additional optimization challenges.


  • Improves heat rate
  • Helps prevent tube failures and slagging
  • Reduces NOx
  • Avoids opacity excursions
  • Provides powerful, real time and historical data analytics
  • Alerts of failed/stuck soot blowers

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