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The SpatialEdge tool provides the state-of art- technology in analysis and assessment of the rooftop.Governments around the world are increasingly turning to renewable energy to end the dependence on fossil fuels. In many countries, there are mandatory target program in stimulating the uptake of renewable energy. Solar energy, one of the major source of renewable energy, is the cleanest and most abundant source available. Due to improvement of technologies in manufacturing and installation, the solar Photovoltaic cells (PV) are becoming popular in many areas.

The SpatialEdge tool provides the state-of art- technology in analysis and assessment of the rooftop (and vacant land) for their potential for solar PV installation. Specifically, it helps in understanding the total potential (in installable capacity) for solar PV, as well as promising sites for further investigation. The analysis results also supports the comprehensive planning performed for solar Energy Transition Plan being developed in many countries.

Our work in Saint Vincent and other Caribbean island identified the number of available rooftops, accessibility to the road and power grids, and distance away from natural hazards to effectively increase the solar energy work for the islands’ benefit of cheaper energy costs:

Advantages of using SpatialEdge:
  • Integration:There is not one single system in the market that integrates GeoSpatial technology, business intelligence and content management system at programming level. SpatialEdge is the most robust and scalable system compared to others. Most of the other system are loose coupling at data input/output level so maintaining and operating such system is difficult, and the system itself is not robust enough.
  • Price: With SpatialEdge, one is not tied up with commercial software – so the cost is low with no restrictions in licensing. One can scale up the system to any level, any number of sub-systems without paying a large sum for additional licenses.
  • User-Friendly: The system is open so additional features can be easily added.
  • Modern: SpatialEdge uses the latest and state of the art software development practice. We use HTML5, leaflet, PHP laravel framework among others.
  • The Cloud: SpatialEdge is perfectly suited for cloud based system.

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