Version SunViewer - Display Software

SunViewer™ Software - SunViewer display software is the most visible part of the Epiphany series data acquisition system. This is the software that displays the performance of the photovoltaic (PV) array and describes the different parts of the PV array. Our software is rich in graphical and technical content enabling students to move from simple to detailed displays. Multiple seats of the  SunViewerTM display software can be bought to allow students to view it on multiple LAN connected computers located throughout a school.

SunServer Software - SunServer software is the heart of Heliotronics Epiphany series display software. It retrieves the data from the Sunlogger data logger, over a dedicated serial connection. It sends the data, in real time, to all open SunViewer displays on the local area network (LAN). It also averages the data over 15 minute intervals and places it in an ACCESS compatible database. SunServer can easily be configured to upload the 15 minute average data to Heliotronics’ remote server making it available on, Heliotronics’ Internet based database and display service.

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