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Digitalizing the energy sector: the Internet of Things powers up the Internet of Energy
In a world driven by the increasing connection of objects, data analytics and the automation of processes, the energy sector is at the epicentre of the IoT revolution. This rapidly-developing ecosystem is creating new services and business cases in the Internet of Energy (IoE).


The integration to the grid of renewable and distributed energy resources is creating new challenges for the network operators. Today the inherent variability of renewable energy sources is being balanced by demand side management and the intelligent operation of distributed generation.

This requires access to end-consumer energy data in real-time. Monitoring and controlling of millions of devices and installations provides real-time energy management and demand response services.

Energy services like these, supported by ThingPark Energy, are driving the ongoing energy transition.

Actility has developed ThingPark Energy based on in-depth expertise in the Internet of Things,  IoT, Data Management and Energy Markets. ThingPark Energy is a platform that integrates every phase of Demand Response and Load Shifting Programs providing utilities with real-time energy data to monitor the performance of their portfolio.

ThingPark Energy is made up of a fully integrated suite of applications:

  • Process Modelling and Forecasting
  • Dispatching & Notification,
  • Disaggregation and Aggregation Service
  • Automated Demand Response

Actility has developed a large set of features to offer end-to-end solutions for Energy & Utilities.

ThingPark Energy interfaces seamlessly with your flexible processes and exchanges data in real-time in a secured way. ThingPark Energy is designed to easily integrate data and communicate in different protocols (Ethernet, LoRa, SMS and other SCADA/AMI systems used by our customers).

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