- Wind Modeling Software


The CFD software to assess the wind characteristics over any kind of topographies (vegetation, complex terrain). TopoWind is dedicated to building owners, consultants, quality controloffices, planners, transportation operators. TopoWind transfers wind measurements, (generally at weather stations) to any construction site,  road or rail itineraries, electrical network line.

  • Accurate CFD computation on any kind of terrains including the most complex ones. Automatic meshing refined at interest points of the domain and the unstructured and multi-grid solver guarantee this accuracy as well as the convergence
  • Calculation ability over very large domains or very important wind farms. The only limiting factor is the available memory of the calulator
  • Speed of calculation unequaled thanks to the MIGAL solver and to the modelling choices


  • A high-quality support ensured by our experts to help our clients at each step of their projects (expert support)
  • Online service for the regional climatology downloading
  • The project is easily managed thanks to a user-friendly graphical interface


2, 4, or 63 processors. You can run multiple calculations simultaneously and reduce your computation time from 2 to 8 depending the configuration

  • Annual license
  • Perpetual license
  • Trial license: 1 month license


  • OS : Windows 7 – Vista – Windows 2012
  • RAM : mini 8 Gb / recommended 16 Gb
  • Processor : mini 2 GHz
  • Multiprocessors : Mini dual core / recommended 64 bits
  • Graphical card: Mini 256 Mb / recommended 512 Mb

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