- Software for Wind Modelling in Urban Areas


The CFD software for wind modelling  in urban areas, or any builtenvironments.The outdoor climatic comfort module is dedicated to local authorities, architects, developers, urban planners, designers, landscapers. Itdetermines the areas of possible wind discomfort to make outdoor spacesmore pleasant and safer for its users.  The Natural Ventilation module is intended for architects, builders,developers. It estimates and optimizes natural ventilation of buildingsand evaluates the indoor comfort and air quality.The Energy module is designed for developers and manufacturers of small wind projects, consultants, installers and developers. It allows tovalidate the potential of a site and the location of wind turbines, to optimize the production and lifetime of machinery.


An accurate and full assessment of the wind characteristics…

  • Mean speed and wind gust
  • Wind direction
  • Turbulence intensity
  • Mean pressure coefficients on buildings


…for your High Environmental Quality and green building projects

  • Accurate CFD computations for any architectural structure. Automatic meshing refinement at interest points. The unstructured and multi-grid solver guarantee this accuracy as well as the convergence
  • Unequaled calculation speed thanks to the “unstructured MIGAL” solver and to the modelling choices
  • The project is easily managed thanks to a user-friendly graphical interface
  • A high-quality support ensured by our experts to help our clients at each step of their projects (expert support)
  • Regular updates and developments referring to users needs
  • Online service to download the regional wind climatology
  • Specific modules to meet your requirements


  • Outdoor air comfort
  • Natural ventilation
  • small wind energy


The buildings arrangement can create unwanted local aerodynamic effects: accelerations at buildings’ corners,
whirlwinds or accelerations between 2 buildings (Wise or Venturi effects)…

UrbaWind Comfort module ,using regional wind statistics, evaluates the local climatology inside the plan mass,
computes the exceeding frequency of wind gusts, produces seasonal or yearly maps of wind or solar radiation.

Added value of the project: safety and comfort in outdoor spaces


For ecological and economic reasons, it is worthwhile to take benefit of the wind as a driving force or an element of the buildings ventilation for its refreshment or the indoor air renewal. However, the variability (season, day/night) of the natural ventilation potential, its dependence on topography, ground roughness and nearby buildings make necessary a quantitative approach, using numerical computation and modelling of the physical phenomena.

Urbawind Natural Ventilation module estimates the potential for natural ventilation, computes air renewal rate, optimizes the mass plan and the openings characterisics. Finally, it quantifies the flow rate of air renewal and delivers climatological reference data  for the thermal simulations.

Added value of the project: energy costs reduction, indoor comfort, green building certification


Wind energy production in built environement or near constructions, needs an accurate assessment of air flows in
order to evaluate the resource, as well as the risks due to the perturbated environment.

Urbawind Energy module evaluates the yearly expected production and gives you the key information to choose the best equipments and the most productive locations.

Added value of the project: use of clean energy, positive environmental impact

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