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BTS Biogas in the last years has invested a lot in the development of a sophisticated software which enables the feeding management of the biogas power plants in an optimal way. dinaMETAN is a software that offers fast and precise analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the substrate mixtures. This optimization software enables operators to significantly improve their plants’ input-output ratios and identify potential savings.

Together with the University of Bologna , BTS Biogas  has developed the dinaMETAN software based on the dairy feeding system.

The optimization process begins with infrared analysis (using an NIRS device) of the organic raw materials employed for biogas production (actual values). Every substrate is studied with reference to 26 parameters (protein, starch and carbohydrate content, etc). The results of the assessment are then entered into the dinaMETAN system. The software employs the raw data to calculate the efficiency of the plant when fed with a specific raw material mix.

It also shows in graphic form where the weaknesses of a given substrate mixture lie and where adjustments are required (actual to target values). dinaMETAN also determines the optimum mix of the available substrates and performs real-time calculations of the costs and benefits of the various ratios.

The plant operator thus has a clear overview of how the same amount of raw material can be employed to produce a greater volume of gas or how the same amount of gas can be produced from less raw material. This means that operators can perform the precise profitability calculations that are critical for the successful operation of a biogas plant. dinaMETAN is the key to reliable long-term planning.

What is dinaMETAN?
 ... an operating and optimization software for the substrate mixtures used in biogas power plants

What can dinaMETAN do?
… save costs on every KWh – by optimizing the INPUT-OUTPUT ratio
… determine optimum biological efficiency and substrate dwell time for maximum energy production

How does dinaMETAN do all that?
… by calculating the key biological and technical data such as substrate degradation rate and energy consumption of the bacteria during fermentation

What are the advantages of working with dinaMETAN?
… intuitive handling with simple interfaces
… online support
… continuously updated database

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