Version e:maxx - Data Management and Logistic System


Being a flexible and modular industry-oriented software, our data management software e:maxx is able to adapt to the requirements of the most various industries. They range from the bioenergy industry, through disposal and recycling industry, up to power stations. e:maxx is thus designed to adapt to your operation sequences and processes.

Software solution for disposal / bulk material / valuable material and biomass

The challenge
In order to ensure long-term success, every company requires a scalable software, which grows together with the company. This was our idea when working on our concept. We have developed an application with numerous features to cover all relevant standard fields.

At the same time, we strived for a high degree of individualisation for being able to meet also company specific requirements. Today, we are able to offer an application which covers a great number of business processes and can be fully updated and extended.

Our solutions
With our software e:maxx you have a system solution for the processes in your company ranging from a simple software for proven and standardised processes up to a highly individual industry-oriented solution. Depending on the degree of individualisation, we offer three solutions:

Our basic solutions ( 'BASE', 'ANAEROBIC DIGESTION', 'BIOMASS') unify basic processes and have been designed especially for small companies or anaerobic digestion plants. Our standard solutions are used as industry solutions ('DISPOSAL', 'BULK MATERIAL', 'VALUABLE MATERIAL') for being able to comply with the standards in the respective industries. Moreover, it is possible to extend the standard already defined by further individual requirements and processes using our customising feature.

Thanks to our comprehensive product range, we are also able to provide complete system solutions from a single source. Any peripheral equipment, such as truck scales, self-service terminals, loading control systems, etc., can be integrated into our software system without the need for an external interface. This is how you can profit from a common database for all areas of your company.

You provide processes, we provide technology
Everything starts from the task: How do I implement my operational processes into a solid workflow as efficiently as possible? In order to learn more about this topic, just contact our employees. We jointly discuss your business processes, provide expert advice in this respect, and implement them in a solution concept. Benefit from our expertise and contact us!

Customer support is important to us
We offer software service and hardware maintenance agreements. Experience of many years in hotline and support services has shown that satisfaction with the hotline is a distinguishing feature for the performance of the entire organisation.

This is why the e:maxx hotline is manned by our software engineers themselves. Hence, you can always expect skilled personnel, technical know-how, clear explanations, and proactive action.

For the product e:maxx, we offer multi-level customer support which can be ordered by the customer according to its needs.

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