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GeoLogic Computer Systems provides you with the first rapid surveying system of its kind. When time and labor hours are important, there is no faster way to map and build a site to plan with construction accuracy than to use GCS:Topo. Most traditional surveying systems require at least two surveyors to map a site, and require points to be collected manually. With GCS:Topo, one operator - with no formal surveying background - can easily map an entire site from a vehicle, in a fraction of the time required by a traditional surveying system. Resource management is one of the most important issues for managers of coal fired power plants. Use the rapid mapping ability of GCS-Topo to to get an accurate read on existing coal piles and plot changes day-to-day. As a contractor, get an edge on the competiton by knowing exactly how much material you need to move before quoting the job, without consulting a surveyor.

Drive the site, and 'do it right' the first time. GCS:Topo allows you to stake sites on demand, calculate volumes, manage resources and operate without the expense and delays of hiring a surveyor.

  • Maximize the potential of your site by gathering complete and accurate topographical information in real time.
  • Build a dense surface map as large as necessary, and collect points from your base station.
  • Collect points from a vehicle faster and more accurately than any other survey system. Using the same platform, stop, record and label any individual points of importance.
  • Reduce labor costs. Normal survey operations require at least one surveyor and one rod man - the GCS:Topo© platform can be run with only one operator with no survey experience.
  • Accurately survey acres of ground in a fraction of the time required by conventional methods.
  • Export/import data easily to/from most civil and survey CAD programs.

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