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Version Y.Q - Energy Storage Software Platform


Based on more than a decade of energy storage project experience we have developed a powerful integrated software platform and included it in all Younicos solutions. We call this unique intelligence Y.Q – the Younicos Quotient.

Y.Q combines over a decade of energy storage projects and operational field-data and has been commissioned in more than 150 MW worldwide, comprising projects ranging from 200 kW to 49 MW, and incorporating advanced lead acid, lithium-ion, sodium sulfur and flow battery technologies.

Younicos ensures a seamless integration and interoperability of the multiple components, comprising an energy storage system by managing disparate data flows through a dedicated communications bus, which acts as a single interface for all system components.

Thanks to the integrated management of all data flows between the components, Y.Q removes the need for bi-directional connections, thereby enabling faster communication, easy integration of new components and more system stability and rigorous data management.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, Y.Q is able to operate several ESS modes – ranging from frequency response to island grid forming to C&I demand management. Through systematic parametrization, Y.Q can easily be customized to your needs and adapted when new market applications emerge.
The operating logic of Y.Q is designed to ensure accurate, fast and dependable real-time operation, as well as to consider system-wide performance dependencies over the entire life of the asset. That is how we maximize its operational efficiency and minimize auxiliary load losses.
Y.Q allows multiple battery technologies to be used, even within a single system. This hybrid functionality offers significant benefits, as different storage applications might call for different chemistries and future battery innovations can easily be adopted in an existing storage facility.

  • 10 YEARS of software development, testing and optimization are a huge competitive advantage
  • 150 MEGAWATT  are a perfect proof-point for the level of maturity and sophistication of our software platform
  • +4 TERRABYTE of operating field data provide us with unique insights for continuously improving the system

ACBM: AC BATTERY MANAGERManages local battery racks connected to a single power conversion system and local protection, while it controls and monitors each battery rack connected to each PCS unit.

Centralized controller which takes inputs from the Younicos system database, customer SCADA and grid measurements to deterministically deliver real and reactive power commands to all power units.


Secure multi-user interface for remote system monitoring and control. The WebUI is supported by any up-to-date web browser and device, including tablets and smartphones. It provides multiple levels of user access control on a per user basis, and all user-initiated commands are time-stamped and logged. WebUI interfaces to the MySQL database and provides real-time and historical trending for user requirements such as performance reporting and maintenance management.

EM: ENERGY MANAGERGrid-level interface to other resources external to the energy storage system, managed by the Younicos control platform in a wider energy management configuration, e.g. wind or photovoltaic resources integrated into a microgrid solution.

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