Vortex SL

Vortex SL

- Version Index - Meeting Production Expectations Software


Are you meeting production expectations? How much did your wind farm over/underproduce last year or month? How much can be explained by wind resource inter-annual variability? INDEX will help you answer these questions by putting your site-specific data in context compared to a long-term wind and production anomalies analysis.

When to use INDEX?

When you need an external measure of climate variability to analyze the performance of your wind farm.

Technical details:
  • Any region world-wide, both on and off-shore.
  • Monthly updated reports of last running 12 month.
  • Available variables: mean wind, temperature and production.
  • Customized to your site-specific measurements by means of proprietary Remodeling algorithms.
  • Long-term (20-year) reference baseline.
  • Based on cutting-edge climatology technologies.
  • 1-Season ahead forecast (coming soon).

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