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Websim logo is a free online tool for creating an EnergyPlus thermal model of a building using the data collected for statutory Energy Performance Certificates in Lombardy, Italy. The system allows a non expert user to quickly evaluate the most common energy savings retrofit actions. It was developed to support Aldar's work in Energy Audits, but now is provided free of charge to the wider public.


WebSim does not require the user to download any software; the simulations are completed on our server and the results sent back to the user by E-mail. To use WebSim the user simply needs to load the CENED+ XML on to the server, define the retrofit actions to be evaluated, and launch the simulation.

Those not in possession of a CENED+ XML file for a specific apartment or house, can select from the list of example files provided by the system.

The ease of use shouldn't however beguile the user as to the precision of modelling; the transformation from CENED+ to EnergyPlus is complete and detailed. The energy savings calculated by WebSim are precise in that the system uses theEnergyPlus Version 7.0 modelling engine developed by the Department of Energy in the US.

In addition to energy savings, WebSim provides information not provided by standard software used for Energy Performance Certificates in Italy. For example information on air and radiant temperatures allows passive retrofit actions to improve summer comfort to be be quickly evaluated.

For a payment, commercial users with multiple properties, can run a set of standard retrofit actions against tens in not hundreds and models allowing precise energy savings to be evaluated for an entire stock of buildings.

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