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Windlab Asset Management (WAM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Windlab Limited.  WAM is a specialist renewable energy asset manager, managing solar and wind farms on behalf of the owners of the projects in Australia and Africa.  WAM operates from Windlab’s Global Operations Hub, which is co-located with Windlab global HQ, in Canberra, Australia. WAM’s role in providing asset management services for solar and wind farm projects is to act for the owners of the project to optimise operational and financial performance of the site.

WAM provides a range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Electricity and green certificate trading and settlement;
  • Contract management of all operational services
  • Community relations and management;
  • Performance management; and
  • Administration, accounting and reporting.

The WAM team comprises professionals in a number of key disciplines including construction management, operations management, contract management, finance, and electricity market operations.

WAM has designed processes and procedures internally and with external bodies in order to establish efficient means of operating renewable energy projects. Discussions with stakeholders, owners and the owners’ sub-contractors has enabled WAM to develop close working relationships that allow for smooth and clearly delineated delivery of service.

Specialised hardware and software provides an effective connection to the National Electricity Market and allows WAM to manage the settlement process smoothly and provide accurate and timely revenue to customers.

All services provided by WAM are designed with Compliance and Performance in mind. The project will meet all relevant jurisdictional legal standards, and will be managed in such a way to allow the technology to deliver its full potential.

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