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Function: Calculates the financial feasibility of a project with one or more WTG's. The ownership model can be one of two: Cooperative Society (Cooperative WTG), Single Owner (individual or company).

Calculation model
The calculation model follows the general principles for accountancy, i.e. a detailed cash flow is generated with all earnings and expenditures. Also, the balance sheet with assets and liabilities is calculated for each year. Before/after tax calculations are only included in the Danish version.

Necessary Input data
The WINDBANK module is a stand-alone module where data can be entered independently of the other WindPRO modules. However, if you have made an energy calculation in a WindPRO module you can automatically transfer information about WTG type and calculated energy production to WINDBANK.
The input data are grouped into the following pages:
Setup: Information about ownership and number of shares in a cooperative owned WTG.
Project: Information about WTG type, energy production, etc.
Unit price: The unit price for electricity sold can be found in the database or it can be entered manually. You can compose the unit price from individual price elements in a flexible way.
Budget: The turn-key budget can be divided into capital costs and operating costs and each cost can be marked as depreciable or not.
Automatic calculation of insurance: You can mark the items that are included in the insurance calculation and assign percentages to each item - this is also valid for the energy production.
Cooperative loan: Loans incurred by the cooperative society can be one of the following types:
Loan: Possible loan types: Cash Credit, Annuity, Series or Index Series.
Operational Cash flow: This can be split into a number of items (service, insurance, land lease, etc.). And each item can be estimated individually in various ways (annual amount, DKK/kWh, etc). It is also possible to define a curve with more than one slope.
Inflation, etc.: Inflation, year of start and inflation rate.
Tax: General information about tax of owner.

WINDBANK makes it easy for you to calculate and print out the estimated feasibility of the WTG investment in question. The flexible nature of the program enables the user to tailor the program according to the specific conditions in force in the various countries in question.

For example, the unit price for sold electricity can be composed of several elements where each element can be limited in time (typically subsidies). You can also define how much of the energy production will be sold at the given price. Thus you could define that 40% should be sold using a given unit sales price, while the remaining 60% should be sold at a unit price equivalent to a consumer purchase unit price. The development of both prices can be defined individually (inflation, entering the figure for each year, etc.).

The turn-key budget can be established freely with as many items as needed. And each item can be assigned individual properties, e.g. if a cost item is depreciable or not. Key figures based on the energy production are automatically updated during the data input (see the input screen below).

Calculation report
The calculation report enables the generation of both short compressed printouts, that can easily be understood by a potential investor, as well as very detailed and comprehensive print-outs to allow bankers and financial auditors to closely monitor the precise impact on the purchaser's financial situation under given assumptions. Available reports: Main Result, Assumptions and Key Figures, Operating Cash Flow and Liquidity Budgets, Detailed financial statement for the 'project' - with Time Series of all the calculated values; 4 Graphic Plot

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