zenon for Smart Cities


COPA-DATA is an official and worldwide member of Microsoft’s CityNext initiative and profoundly contributes to establishing Smart Cities. Smart City solutions with zenon can considerably support governments and its citizens to face the challenges of tomorrow, especially in the areas of energy, water/waste water, public transportation and smart buildings. The results are astonishing: greater efficiency throughout, lower consumption of valuable resources, decreasing costs, intuitive operation and a highly scalable, future-proof and sustainable solution.

Reporting for Hydro-electric Power Plants

Simple and efficient reporting for hydro-electric power plants with zenon Analyzer.


Ergonomic Substation Automation

zenon Energy Edition offers the entire palette of functionality for automated substations.


zenon in the Energy Industry

Substation Automation System: The energy automation system zenon can be used with any type of hardware and offers secure commands & fault location.


Smart Grids and zenon Process Gateway

Energy supply is changing from a highway into a dual system. How can numerous small producers be integrated efficiently?


Smart Grids in the medium and low voltage level

Smart meters are a central element of Smart Grids. However, smart meters can only realize their full potential if they can communicate efficiently.


Smart Grids: Renewable Energy and Cyber Security

More and more energy derives from renewable energy sources. Therefore, security requirements for Smart Grids increase.


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