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  • Photovoltaic Modules
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    Photovoltaic Modules

    By Istar Solar

    Istar Solar is an authorized dealer TSMC-SOLAR for the high-performance CIGS technology. CIGS cells have a 99% absorption of light in just a few microns thick, with a higher sensitivity to the entire solar spectrum, ...

  • High Performance CIGS Solar Modules
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    High Performance CIGS Solar Modules

    By Stion

    Superior Energy Density: More kWh/m2 than crystalline silicon in most climates. Excellent warm temperature performance. Proprietary cell and circuit design minimizes impact of shade and debris. CEC listed, PTC/STC ratio ...

  • Flexible Photovoltaic Module
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    Flexible Photovoltaic Module

    By SoloPower Systems, Inc.

    SoloPanel SP1 is our second-generation, flexible photovoltaic module optimized for sixteen-inch standing-seam metal roof integration. The SP1 module is easily configured for multiple adhesive applications, enabling ...

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  • Solarion AG

    Solarion AG

    Solarion develops and produces thin-film solar cells and modules using a proprietary manufacturing process that deposits a thin layer of copper ...

  • GMA Solar Inc

    GMA Solar Inc

    GMA Solar is a leading manufacturer of Solar PV modules. We are the only Solar PV module manufacturing company in Quebec. We are proud of our full ...

  • Istar Solar

    Istar Solar

    Istar Solar is a private Italian company operating in the photovoltaic field since 1993. Istar Solar® has automated it’s production line with robot ...

  • Hanergy Holding Group

    Hanergy Holding Group

    Hanergy Holding Group Ltd. is a multinational clean-energy power generation company, as well as the world`s largest thin-film solar power company. ...

  • AVANCIS GmbH & Co. KG

    AVANCIS GmbH & Co. KG

    As a manufacturer of premium-class solar modules, AVANCIS aims to offer extremely high standards of quality, reliability and corporate responsibility ...