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  • Strong consortium works on higher efficiencies in CIGS

    Strong consortium works on higher efficiencies in CIGS

    AVANCIS and Smit Thermal Solutions team up with European research institutes HZB, CNRS and Solliance for higher efficiencies in CIGSThin-film photovoltaic CIGS technology has seen considerable growth of manufacturing capacity in recent years. The environmental impact, especially the CO2 footprint of CIGS thin-film panels shows great advantages compa


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  • Advanced Industrial Printer

    Advanced Industrial Printer

    The IP410 is an advanced industrial printer, build for use in the production of PV (CIGS, O-PV, Si wafer based) PCB (classical & multilayer, 3D), Semicon (sensors, power devices, (bio)MEMS), OLED (lighting, display, 3D), Touchscreen and Printed Electronics. One of its main strengths is printing with high precision in multi-layer applications as a result of the vision-positioning-print-check ...