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  • Float Glass
    Showcase Product

    Float Glass

    By AGC Solar

    SUNMAX is an extra clear float glass especially optimized for solar applications. Combined with the excellent durability of glass, SUNMAX is the product of choice for photovoltaic modules, thermal collectors and solar ...

  • USB Charger
    Showcase Product

    USB Charger

    By Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited

    Our USB-charger is the most light-weight and portable charging device for mobile and smart phones. It is made from the same light-weight, flexible, thin-film, CIGS material employed in our other thin-film applications.

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  • Ascent Solar

    Ascent Solar

    Ascent Solar was formed in 2005, to commercialize leading-edge CIGS photovoltaic technology on flexible, plastic substrate. Ascent’s unique ...

  • SoloPower Systems, Inc.

    SoloPower Systems, Inc.

    Solopower Systems Inc. is a pioneer in high-performance thin film solar materials science and a large-scale manufacturer of flexible ...

  • DH Solar

    DH Solar

    DH Solar is a division of DH Satellite, a commercial manufacturer of premium horizon-to-horizon satellite antennas & mounting systems for the past 30 ...

  • Flisom AG

    Flisom AG

    Flisom’s products are based on an innovative thin film CIGS technology developed in Switzerland. High efficiency, flexible solar panels, ultra light ...

  • Mustang Vacuum Systems LLC

    Mustang Vacuum Systems LLC

    Mustang Vacuum Systems is a global manufacturer of industrial scale Thin-film PV Deposition Systems, offering high yield with unparalleled uptime. ...