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  • Strong consortium works on higher efficiencies in CIGS

    AVANCIS and Smit Thermal Solutions team up with European research institutes HZB, CNRS and Solliance for higher efficiencies in CIGSThin-film photovoltaic CIGS technology has seen considerable growth of manufacturing capacity in recent years. The environmental impact, especially the CO2 footprint of CIGS thin-film panels shows great advantages compa


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  • Perovskite Based Solar

    Perovskite Based Solar

    Perovskite-based solar cells: young technology, high return: Certain organometallic compounds can form perovskite crystals with semiconductor properties. This type of material was only applied in solar cells for the first time in 2009. Since then, these so-called perovskite solar cells have been shown to have ever-higher energy yields in scientific laboratories. In only a few years’ time, ...