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  • Storage is ‘missing link’ in modern CSP - Bob Stojanovic of ABB

    Storage is ‘missing link’ in modern CSP - Bob Stojanovic of ABB

    During CSP Today’s ‘Myth-busting Webinar’ for 1000 members of the CSP community, over 50 questions were posed in the interactive session from developers, EPCs and suppliers. This week, CSP Today posed 3 of the questions to Bob Stojanovic of ABB, one of the speakers from the webinar who contributed on the discussion on CSP bankability. [To download the full podcast recording

  • Some surprising facts about Ivanpah

    Ivanpah, the world’s largest power tower CSP project, seems to attract a lot of controversy. Along with that, it brings up concerns about its operations. CSP Today has received some interesting ...


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  • Solar Reflective Surfaces

    Solar Reflective Surfaces

    The vega energy surfaces significantly increase the performance of: parabolic through collector (CSP) that convert solar energy into thermal energy, to be used in various industrial processes or in the production of electric power systems.CPV (Concentrated PhotoVoltaic) for the production of electric energy. CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrator), for the production of sanitary hot water . micro ...