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  • Morocco`s first CSP plant forges path to tech-led cost cuts

    The imminent start-up of Morocco`s Noor I CSP Plant will be followed by lower cost adjacent plants thanks to technology gains such as larger trough apertures which have eclipsed the impact of higher cost dry cooling systems, Driss Berraho, Business Development Manager at ACWA Power, told CSP Today.A consortium led by ACWA Power started construction on the 1

  • Some surprising facts about Ivanpah

    Ivanpah, the world’s largest power tower CSP project, seems to attract a lot of controversy. Along with that, it brings up concerns about its operations. CSP Today has received some interesting ...


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  • Solar Reflective Surfaces

    Solar Reflective Surfaces

    The vega energy surfaces significantly increase the performance of: parabolic through collector (CSP) that convert solar energy into thermal energy, to be used in various industrial processes or in the production of electric power systems.CPV (Concentrated PhotoVoltaic) for the production of electric energy. CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrator), for the production of sanitary hot water . micro ...