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  • PV Monitoring System

    PV Monitoring System

    OverviewWe can provide professional IoT solutions for customized remote management systems for PV Power Plant/Solar systems. Up to now, many inverter manufacturers and PV enterprises have established cooperation relationship with us, and more than 100000 units of monitoring equipment with solar power plant monitoring system were deliv


  • PV*SOL Premium 2020

    PV*SOL Premium 2020

    PV*SOL is a global simulation program for photovoltaic systems, which puts the planning and design of PV systems on a secure basis and reliably calculates system profitability. The sector solutions for PV systems, PV*SOL and PV*SOL premium from ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Ultimate Lightning Surge Protection for PV Systems

    Ultimate Lightning Surge Protection for PV Systems

    The remote locations, exposed surface areas and extensive layouts of solar power plants put them at high risk of damage from the elements, particularly electrical storms. A significant concern for photovoltaic (PV) power plant operators is equipment damage caused by direct or indirect lightning strikes. Damage from these events can bring a PV installation offline for days or perhaps weeks, ...

Upcoming Events

  • Solar PV World Expo (PV Guangzhou 2020)

    Solar PV World Expo (PV Guangzhou 2020)

    As the largest solar PV expo in South China, Solar PV World Expo 2020 is going to cover a show floor to 40,000 sq.m, with 600 quality exhibitors. We have welcome featured exhibitors like JA Solar, Chint Solar, Mibet, Yingli Solar, LONGi, Hanergy, LU’AN Solar, Growatt, Goodwe, Solis, IVNT, AKCOME, SOFARSOLAR, SAJ, CSG PVTECH, UNIEXPV, Kingfeels, AUTO-ONE,  APsystems, ALLGRAND BATTERY, ...

Key Energy - 2020

Nov. 3rd - 6th | Rimini