Solar Energy Services available in Bhutan

  • Premium

    Microgrids and Hybrid Solutions

    With a drive towards greater uptake of renewable power, Clarke Energy is pleased to provide a new offering to our customers. Clarke Energy is able to take on a greater scope of project supply and incorporate different power generation technologies in our offering. These hybrid solutions can consist of engines, wind, solar and storage technologies. ...

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Customer Service

    The importance of having sun simulators with no downtime is invaluable. Spire Solar understands the cost associated with downtime and the value associated with 100% up time. On priority response is an exceptional service offered. Spire Solar’s on-site service support and simulator calibration offerings are available ...

    By Spire Solar based in The Hague, NETHERLANDS.

  • Building PV Plants Services

    Supplying PV plant components: We use the crystalline silicon modules made in Ferrania. The other components (inverters, electric panels, cables, mountings, clamps  and whatsoever needed) are the best available products on the market. Our skilled staff ensures the balanced integration of the components and the best output performance over ...

    By Ferrania Solis S.r.l. based in Frazione Ferrania, ITALY.

  • Research & Development

    We optimise existing and develop new processing steps for industrial solar cells of today and tomorrow. Our focus is on crystalline silicon-wafer based technology and we work both with traditional poly silicon and novel solar grade silicon materials. What we offer:Optimisation of existing and development of new processing steps and  ...

  • GES BoP/EPC Services for the Solar PV Sector

    EPC projects include the design, engineering and execution of the four activities, whereas BoP projects can cover everything except the procurement and supply of the solar panels. For Solar PV EPC services, GES acquires and supplies the solar modules along with all of the other components.

  • Wholesale Services

    We deliver solar PV modules and complete system kits from stocks held locally in the UK. We not only provide fast delivery of our range of products but also provide technical and design support and after sale customer care.

    By Antaris Solar based in Waldaschaff, GERMANY.

  • Module Engineering Services

    In designing our modules we worked with a clean slate, making choices that were driven by reliability, quality and cost, in that order. A clear differentiation emerged as a result of this approach. It is reflected both in the external looks and a superior attention to detail under the hood.

    By Sunpreme, Inc. based in Sunnyvale, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Support Services

    We have an extended global installed base which is supported by our local presence through the SoLayTec Certified Service Partners' network. This local presence is a big advantage as our customers have direct access to service and support in the same time zone; 24hrs per day, 7 days per week. Naturally, each InPassion product is delivered ...

    By SoLayTec based in AM Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS.

  • Consulting Services

    Karbone provides an array of consulting services to renewable energy and carbon offset developers, focused on the monetization of environmental credits. Our team works with asset owners to provide the tools and resources necessary to develop renewable energy projects.

    By Karbone, Inc. based in New York, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Design of PV Plants

    Ferrania Solis S.r.l. supports the customer in all steps of the authorization and installation of the PV plant, including preliminary technical and economical evaluations. Procedures to obtain authorizations We take care of all procedures and documents to acquire the necessary authorizations to realize the PV installation, the grid-connection and ...

    By Ferrania Solis S.r.l. based in Frazione Ferrania, ITALY.

  • Solar Operations Services

    Complexities are inherent in every stage of the solar portfolio lifecycle. An optimized management platform is essential for driving down costs and remaining competitive. Moreover, an end-to-end solution overcomes the challenges of integration and management and allows operators to focus on their business goals.

    By Fat Spaniel Technologies, a Power-One brand based in SKEABOST, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • PV module VDE - IEC Product Certifications

    VDE can provide all IEC product design certifications for flat plate modules (IEC 61215), thin-film modules (IEC 61646) and module safety (IEC 61730), as well as for CPV product design qualification (IEC 62108) and CPV safety (IEC Draft 62688).

    By CFV Solar Test Laboratory based in Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO (USA). from PV module VDE - IEC Product Certifications Service line

  • CSA Product Certifications for PV Modules per CSA and ANSI/UL 1703 Standards

    CSA is accredited to provide product certifications for PV modules (CSA 61730-1 and -2, ANSI/UL 1703), CPV modules (UL Outline 8703), racking systems (UL Outline 2703), inverters (CSA 107.1, UL 1741), and other related products. In addition, CSA has CB accreditation pending.

  • Solar Development Services

    Remote Site Analysis- If your building has greater than 10,000 sq feet available roof space, then Beghelli can tell you how much, on a per square foot basis, your roof is worth to your company's bottom line. Our solar power team can quote your solar system, show you the energy savings, educate you on the Federal and State energy incentives - ...

    By Beghelli Planet Sun based in Miramar, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Technical Consulting Services In Green Building

    Onyx Solar provides technical consulting services regarding the field of green building through computer simulation methods which look for those solutions which could reduce energy costs and mitigate the impact on the environment.

    By Onyx Solar Energy S.L. based in Ávila, SPAIN.

  • Services

    The scope of activities of the group members includes R&D, design, manufacture and distribution of components, complete solar energy systems and specialized equipment. The group includes several and georaphically well spread subsidiairies, partners and affiliates, also enabling the group members to provide adequate and effective training and ...

    By GiraSolar based in Gaziemir, TURKEY.

  • Rooftop Installation Services

    Silevo combines high efficiency and low cost to offer the most cost-effective solar solution for space constrained installations such as residential rooftops.

    By Silevo Inc based in Fremont, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • LOHAS - Solar Sharing Design Service

    We support your farming and power generation at the same time. If your country have Feed-in-Tariff system you can make double earning by Solar Sharing Power Generation. If you live in Off Grid area, you can generate required electricity and the crops at the same time.

    By LOHAS CO., Lyd, based in Minato-ku, JAPAN.

  • Buildings & Commercial Services

    If you’re a forward-thinking business owner then you’ve probably already heard about nanotechnology; it might even be the reason why you’ve found your way to this page. There’s no doubt about it, the NanoSystem will fundamentally change your business, the services you offer and the products you supply. The NanoSystem will ...

    By The Nano Factory Ltd based in Newtownards, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Asset Management Services

    Electricity generation, transmission, and distribution equipment is designed to provide safe, efficient, and reliable power when properly maintained. But years of continued use and exposure to the elements can adversely affect equipment reliability, which can result in unplanned outages . . . and associated financial losses.

    By S&C Electric Company based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA).

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