Solar Thermal Collector

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  • Italy: the next CSP hotspot?

    Italy could potentially have a booming CSP market, thanks to high DNI levels in the southern parts of the country and in the main islands of Sardinia and Sicily – where one of the newest CSP plants, the 50 MW Mazara, is being built.Feed-in-tariffs (FiTs) for CSP generation and industrial needs for process heat should make the market even more attractive.So why aren`t developers flocking to


  • Company certificates

    All solar thermal collectors are certitficated by Solar keymark , SRCC, ISO 9001:2008 with superior solar thermal performance, they are ideal for any solar thermal applications and the most cost-effective solar thermal collector DNsolar provides ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Fast Assembly CPC Heat Pipe Collector

    Fast Assembly CPC Heat Pipe Collector

    Sunlight concentrators make the efficiency doubly increased. Fast assembly CPC concentrators more easy installation and transportation. 360°sunlight absorber, hot water in cloudy. Overheating protection just disassembly the CPC concentrators in summer. Temperature startup more faster than the normal solar thermal collectors. Applicable for the industry heating. More thermal production based ...