Solar water distillation

Articles & Whitepapers

  • The effect of sponge liner on the performance of simple solar still

    In conventional solar stills, a part of the radiation is reflected by the inner wall surfaces to the still components and the remaining energy is stored by itself. The main objectives of this experimental study are: 1) to utilise the energy available on the inner wall surfaces of a still by using sponge liner; 2) to find the optimum thickness of sponge liner. Two single-slope solar stills are ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Solar Distillation Unit

    Solar Distillation Unit

    Millennium Electric Ltd. has developed a special and unique distillation technology for water or any contaminated water source based on a proprietary technological device that has been proven in Heraklion, Crete using a demonstration system in an olive mill with contaminated wastewater. The solar distillation device heats the distilled water to a temperature of up to 1300C by using a solar ...