Solar Water Treatment

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  • Solar Heating Reduces Energy Costs at Gaylord - Case Study

    Gaylord Hospital’s quiet 500-acre setting had its drawbacks. There were no natural gas pipelines leading to the area, and installing them would be cost-prohibitive. Instead, Gaylord relied on oil heat, an almostequally daunting expense, especially in Connecticut winters. But then Mark Veere, facility manager for Gaylord, came up with an idea for cheaper energy without digging up those ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Solar Pool Heating Systems

    Solar Pool Heating Systems

    The use of a solar collector for heating your indoor or outdoor pool, will save substantially on your operating costs. A pool blanket is also a strongly recommended item to reduce the amount of heat loss while the pool is not in use. For indoor pools, large window areas with southern exposure will increase your passive solar gain and hence save you money.With solar pool heating, the goal is to ...