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Acrion markets CO2 Wash® design and development services for the production of green fuels and chemicals from landfill gas. A major barrier to widespread commercial utilization of landfill gas (LFG) is reliable, economic removal of contaminants. A stream of contaminant-free methane and CO2 is produced by CO2 Wash®. Contaminants are concentrated in a separate small stream of CO2 for incineration in the landfill flare. The contaminant-free methane and CO2 stream can be used as medium Btu fuel gas,as a hydrogen source for the fuel cell or as feedstock for chemical synthesis, e.g. methanol. Alternatively, it can be further processed to separate CO2 from methane to produce pipeline methane or transportation fuel (compressed or liquefied), and liquid CO2. Natural gas fleet vehicles are a potential steady market for methane recovered from LFG.

  • In-situ, no regeneration, purchase, disposal of solvent
  • Removal of chlorinated & sulfur contaminants below 20 ppb
  • Contaminant removal independent of amount/species
  • Carbon dioxide is inert, not combustible or explosive

  • Pipeline gas
  • Liquid or compressed methane
  • Synthetic chemicals, methanol, DME
  • Electricity
  • Hydrogen for fuel cell
  • Liquid or solid carbon dioxide

  • Demonstrated in the field, patented technology
  • Simple, conventional, robust,
  • 99 +% methane recovery, 80 +% CO2 recovery
  • Efficient contaminants destruction, small stream

Below is a summary of CO2 Wash® benefits and improvements upon competitive technologies:

  • a variety of methane products enabled from landfill gas,
  • food grade liquid CO2 recovered as second product,
  • storable, transportable products,
  • no commercial separation agent for bulk contaminant removal,
  • separation agent, liquid CO2, obtained from raw landfill gas,
  • continuous fresh solvent, no regeneration necessary,
  • reliable contaminant removal to ppb levels,
  • verification of siloxane removal from landfill gas
  • verification of sulfur compound removal from landfill gas,
  • verification of halogenated compound removal from landfill gas,
  • verification of NMOC (non-methane organic compound) removal from landfill gas,
  • removal of 'new' contaminants guaranteed,
  • well defined contaminant control and disposal.

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