Advanced Biofuel Center

- One month Industrial Biodiesel Training 2014

The BBA is pleased to announce “One month Industrial Biodiesel Training 2014”. With a comprehensive biodiesel curriculum for the Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel to lead India\'s energy efforts The biodiesel education component at BBA is helping to fuel students’ passion for renewable energy. Having grown up in an era of uncertainty about climate change and energy supplies, the students who are involved in biodiesel education feel empowered. Having a local opportunity to make fuel, for most of them, is an opportunity to do something they want to feel like they are involved in being part of the solution. Therefore in order to provide appropriate level of exposure the students we have designed biodiesel courses with a multidisciplinary approach to introduce biodiesel production and to train students to run biodiesel plants. The course provide an excellent opportunity for engineering student

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