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GE Measurement & Control Solutions

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These courses have been designed to help you maintain a trained work force that is skilled in controls, operations, and maintenance. In addition to offering the same high quality as our site specific training, these courses offer you the opportunity to train at a GE Facility with students from around the world. This training is also a cost effective alternative for customers who have a small staff, or new team members.

Aeroderivative (LM) Turbines - Mechanical Maintenance and LM Package Controls Training

  • DLE Familiarization and Mapping Overview
  • Mark VIe - Aeroderivative Control Systems Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting


  • LM2500 SAC/DLE Familiarization
  • LM2500 SAC/DLE Level 1 Maintenance
  • LM2500 Level 2 Maintenance (Cold Section)
  • LM2500/LM2500+ SAC Level 2 Maintenance (Hot Section)
  • LM2500 Borescope Inspection
  • LM2X Aeroderivative Gas Turbine OperationsFamiliarization


  • LM2500+ SAC/DLE Familiarization
  • LM2500+ SAC/DLE Level 1 Maintenance
  • LM2500+ SAC/DLE Level 2 Maintenance (Cold Section)
  • LM2500/LM2500+ DLE Level 2 Maintenance (Hot Section)
  • LM2500+ Borescope Inspection


  • LM6000 PA/PC Familiarization
  • LM6000 PA/PC Level 1 Maintenance
  • LM6000 PA/PC Level 2 Maintenance (Cold Section)
  • LM6000 PA/PC Level 2 Maintenance (Hot Section)
  • LM6000 PA/PC Borescope Inspection
  • LM6000 Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Operations\Familiarization


  • LMS100 Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Operations\Familiarization
  • LMS100 SAC Familiarization

Turbine Controls - Training for Operators, Maintenance Technicians & Engineers

  • Proficy CIMPLICITY for Turbine Control
  • Proficy CIMPLICITY for Turbine Control - Advanced
  • PC Historian

Mark V

  • Gas/Steam Mark V () For Technicians
  • Gas/Steam Mark V (with I to HMI) Upgrade
  • Gas/Steam Mark V (with HMI) For Technicians
  • Gas/Steam Mark V (with HMI) Advanced
  • Advanced Mark V Operations (formerly Regional)
  • Advanced Mark V Troubleshooting (formerly Regional)
  • Advanced Mark V Maintenance
  • Advanced Mark V Engineering

Mark VI

  • Gas/Steam Mark VI (with HMI, Toolbox 11) For Technicians
  • Gas/Steam Mark VI (with HMI) Advanced
  • Gas/Steam Mark VI Millennium Panel
  • Advanced Mark VI Operations (formerly Regional)
  • Advanced Mark VI Troubleshooting (formerly Regional)
  • Advanced Mark VI Maintenance
  • Advanced Mark VI Engineering

Mark VIe

  • Gas/Steam Mark VIe (with HMI) For Technicians
  • Gas/Steam Mark VIe Advanced
  • Gas/Steam Mark VIe DCS For Technicians
  • Advanced Mark Ve/VIe Operations
  • Advanced Mark Ve/VIe Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Mark Ve/VIe Maintenance
  • Advanced Mark Ve/VIe Engineering

Mark IV & Mark V to Mark VIe Migrations

  • Gas/Steam Mark IV to Mark IVe Migration for Technicians
  • Gas/Steam Mark V to Mark Ve Migration for Technicians

Woodward Control Systems

  • Woodward Atlas MicroNet
  • Woodward Atlas/MicroNet/NetCon (Pentium Based CPU) Gas/Steam Turbine Applications (with HMI)
  • Woodward MicroNet Non-NT (Motorola Based CPU) Applications (with HMI)

Generator Controls - EX2000/2100/2100e, ANDRITZ HYDRO, LCI, Generator Protection

  • EX2000 Generator Excitation
  • EX2000 Generator Excitation Advanced
  • EX2100 Generator Excitation
  • EX2100 Generator Excitation Advanced
  • EX2100e Generator Excitation
  • ANDRITZ HYDRO THYNE1 Brushless Excitation Regulator
  • ANDRITZ HYDRO THYNE4 Brushless Excitation Regulator
  • Generator Protection Panel
  • Innovation Series LCI™ for Turbine Static Start Applications
  • LS2100 LCI for Turbine Static Start Applications

Heavy Duty Gas Turbines (MS) & Steam Turbines - Operation, Construction, and Maintenance

  • Gas Turbine Operation
  • Gas Turbine Advanced Operation - F-Class Turbines
  • Gas Turbine Construction and Maintenance
  • Steam Turbine Operation
  • Steam Turbine Advanced Operation - D11 Turbines
  • Steam Turbine Construction and Maintenance
  • Combined Cycle Operation

Industrial Drives & Controls - AC/DC Drives, LCI, Innovation Series

  • AC/DC2000 Drive Hardware - Available by Request
  • AC/DC2000 Software Tools - Windows Systems - Available by Request
  • AF-300E$, EF-300 G11 and AF300 P11 - Available by Request
  • Innovation Series Controller
  • Innovation Series Medium Voltage Drive Type GP
  • LCI Drives for Fan, Pump and Compressor Applications
  • LCI Second Generation (pre-1977 has door mounted printer)
  • TMEIC-GE TM-10

Power Equipment & Power Management - Switchgear, Circuit Breakers, and Contacters

  • Industrial Power Systems Engineering & Device Coordination
  • Low Voltage Switchgear, AKD 5, 6, 8 and 10
  • Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker and Contacters
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear, Power-vac

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