Advanced Biofuel Center

- Premium 5-day Biodiesel Business School

5-day business School for biodiesel program: Agenda SEP 25 • Day 1 • Biodiesel Process & Technology, economics & uses: • Introduction to biodiesel and production, Technology, Economics of biodiesel Industry and global scenario, Oilseed Processing & Chemistry of Fats for biodiesel etc. a comprehensive understanding of Biofuels - Policy and Insights into biofuels development in India, Quality norms and Government policies and legislation • Day 2 • Science for Biofuel Feedstock Production and Utilization: • Potential Non Food crops as Biofuel Feed stocks: Jatropha, Pongamia, Castor: Biology, Biodiversity & Gremplasm, Genetic Improvement & Propagation, Horticulture, Farm Design & Management, Agronomics and sustainability, R&D status, varieties, yield, optimal conditions etc. • Day 3 • Commercializing Algae Biodiesel: Prospects and Priorities: • Algae as a potential feedstock for biodiesel, Algae Growing, Harvesting and Extraction Technologies, Introduction to Carbon Markets & CDM

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