GE Measurement & Control Solutions

GE Measurement & Control Solutions

Online Learning


Our various online learning solutions will help you train your personnel anytime, anywhere. Once a course is purchased, the student will have unlimited access to the training for 6 months. During this time students learn at their own pace and can retrain on any modules they would like - a great solution for staff members that may not be as experienced and require extra training. Check out our online learning solutions now!

Turbine Fundamentals

  • Gas Turbine Fundamentals (7E)
  • Gas Turbine Fundamentals (7F)
  • Steam Turbine Fundamentals
  • Generator Fundamentals

Gas Turbine Systems

  • Inlet and Exhaust
  • Lube Oil Systems
  • Steam and Water Injection
  • Basics Of Gas Turbine Combustion
  • Compressor Water Wash
  • Cooling and Sealing Air
  • Cooling Water
  • Fire Protection, Heating and Ventilation
  • Fuel and Atomizing Air Systems
  • Hydraulic Oil, Trip Oil, and VIGV Systems

Generator & Electrical Training

  • Elements of Power Delivery
  • Generator Theory
  • Generator Design and Construction
  • Generator Excitation
  • EX2100R Excitation System
  • Stator Winding Cooling System
  • Hydrogen Seals
  • Hydrogen Gas Control System
  • 3-Phase Power
  • ACDC Motors

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