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Perillon provides user-specific training through focused sessions to handleAdministrative,Power-User, andEnd-Usertraining. Sessions include on-site and remote-based training, depending on the nature and level of training.

Some key areas and methods used to train include:

  • On-site training with in-depth, hands-on training in the client system model. This is most effective for power users or administrators that require detailed understanding of system functionality.
  • Remote training sessions via web meetings to illustrate how to perform functions in the system. This is most effective for large end-user groups, where specific functions are covered to complete tasks, upload data, etc.
  • Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) are one-page outlines of specific steps needed to complete an activity in the system. This best to help users retain training and have access to quick information, post-training.
  • Adoption Support is also utilized to capture questions and provide user support after training and the go-live event to accommodate areas and help users take ownership in the system. This is best used to cover the user base and provide additional training, as needed or as determined by the real-world-use of the system.

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