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TNEI recognise that a key challenge facing many organisations within the power industry is the shortage of skilled engineering resource. This is particularly challenging in the current environment of rapid technology change, demand growth uncertainty and continuing economic volatility. While direct consultancy support can be useful to companies to address immediate project and business requirements, this does not help with overall capacity building and knowledge retention within the organisation itself. As such, TNEI are happy to offer power system training courses suitable for power system engineers either at the beginning of their career, or those wanting refresher or CPD courses. We provide both standard power system courses, applied power system software courses using tools such as PSS/E, Ipsa and Powerfactory, or specific courses such as Harmonics, Transient Stability or Control System Modelling.

These training courses can be offered either from our Manchester base, or in the client premises depending on what is most appropriate. We have a range of standard courses which we are happy to tailor to the client group specific requirements. All courses are provided by experienced power system engineers who have the gift of knowledge transfer.

Recent examples of the training provided by TNEI include:

Bespoke on-site training for Vestas - the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer. The four-day training programme was developed specifically to meet the clients’ requirements for 20 delegates at their Singapore Engineering Centre. This included topics on:

  • Basic introduction to offshore wind farms, technologies and approaches required for conceptual design
  • Types of simulations required for offshore windfarms including: Load flow, Short circuit, Dynamics, Harmonics & Flicker, Insulation Coordination and Protection
  • Review of HVDC Technologies and their application
  • Operations, Maintenance and Safety

Training for Ofgem – the UK electricity and gas market regulator. The on-going training course ranges from an entry level Power Systems 101 style course aimed at non-technical staff, through to advanced topics such as reactive power and frequency regulation.

Regular training – this is based on our core Ipsa software product and includes both theoretical background and practical application of loadflow, short-circuit, transient stability and harmonics.

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