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National Solar Trainers

PV Installer Program


NST's Photovoltaics Installer program is an intensive coverage of the skills needed for entry level PV installation professionals. It covers system design, mounting, electrical wiring, work place safety, and more. This program has been created with an emphasis on NABCEP's learning objectives and is an excellent prep for the Entry Level Exam with additional material covered in the Certified Installer Exam and needed for workplace safety. After taking the comprehensive online portion of the program, you'll take our leading hands on lab at locations around the country.  During the lab, you'll actually experience what you've learned: seeing a system installed with multiple mounting hardware, module and inverter types, go through the installation and commissioning process, become aware of common safety hazards, and experience the impacts of your decisions during the design and installation phase on actual system output.  

 PV-101: Solar Resource & Terminology

  •         Solar resource
  •         Evaluating the solar window
  •         PV terminology
  •         Differentiate between solar irradiance and irradiation
  •         Photovoltaic effect
  •         Defining concepts of global, direct, diffuse and albedo radiation

    PV-102 : Solar PV Industry, History and Trends

  •         Identify key contributions to the development of PV technology
  •         Advantages and disadvantages of PV systems
  •         Segments within the PV industry
  •         PV policy
  •         Your effect on photovoltaics
  •         Forecasts and grid parity
  •         Manufacturing
  •         PV history
  •         Technology and research

    PV-103 : Photovoltaics System Types

  •         Identify common types of PV system applications for both grid tied and off-grid tied systems
  •         Features and benefits for different systems

    PV-104 : PV System Component Technology

  •         Describe the purpose and principles of operation for major PV system components
  •         PV system balance of system components, describing their functions and specifications
  •         Inverters, charge controllers, junction and combiners boxes, disconnects, and more

    PV-105 : Photovoltaics Module Technology

  •         PV cell types
  •         Difference between cell technologies
  •         Standards and module certifications

    PV-210 : Introduction to Electricity

  •         Understanding the meaning of basic electrical parameters
  •         Current, voltage, power and resistance
  •         Difference between electrical power and energy
  •         Ohm's Law
  •         Fundamentals of electricity

    PV-211 : PV Safety

  •         Workplace safety
  •         OSHA standards
  •         Ladder safety
  •         Roof safety
  •         Personal protective equipment

    PV-212 : PV Site Analysis

  •         Performing a shade analysis
  •         Identifying proper locations for system components
  •         Utilizing shade anlaysis tools
  •         Assess mounting locations

    PV-213 : Grid Tied Design

  •         Electrical design
  •         Mechanical Design
  •         System sizing calculations
  •         NEC 690 code compliance
  •         IV curves

    PV-214 : Off-Grid Design

  •         Battery storage calculations
  •         Load analysis
  •         Off-grid fundamentals
  •         Battery enclosure
  •         Depth of discharge

    PV-220 : PV Project Elements, Participants and Processes

  •         Critical project elements
  •         Project participants
  •         Site visit information gathering
  •         Project processes

    PV-221 : PV Mechanical Installation

  •         Install equipment foundation
  •         Install mounting system
  •         Install PV modules

    PV-222 : PV Electrical Installation

  •         Electrical wiring
  •         Wire management risks
  •         Wire protection
  •         System gounding
  •         Ground fault protection
  •         Arc fault protection
  •         Connector installation
  •         Weatherproofing
  •         Insulation types and applications
  •         Thermal expansion/contraction
  •         Underground circuits coverage

    PV-223 : PV System Commissioning and Performance Verification

  •         Test the system
  •         Commission the system
  •         Complete system documentation
  •         Orient customer to system

    PV-320 : Installation Hands-On Lab

  •     16 Credit Hours

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