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Technical Training Courses


Custom courses are also available which can be conducted at your location or in the San Diego, California area.

AS100 Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Engine/Generator Systems
Designed for technicians and managers with beginning to intermediate skills. This course covers all of the systems that make up the modern generator set. This course contains both classroom and “hands-on” exercises.

AS101 Introduction to Diesel Generator Sets
Operation, maintenance, and basic troubleshooting of Alturdyne’s standard line of generators. Designed for technicians and managers with beginning to intermediate skills, it covers the basic systems that make up the package. Although primarily a classroom course, it does contain some “hands-on” demonstrations.

AS110 Advanced Troubleshooting of Engine Generator Systems
This specialized course covers advanced troubleshooting techniques that relate to all emergency generator systems. It is recommended for engineers and technicians who have completed at lease one introductory course. Classroom work covers theory of diagnosis and repair, and is accompanied by “hands-on” practice with a generator set.

AS115 Switchgear Controls: The Building Interface
This course covers operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of power switching equipment used with standby generator sets. Emphasis is on the engine-transfer switch control sequence, including phase/voltage sensors, timing circuits, and engine interfaces. Additional topics include protective relays, automatic synchronizer systems, and auto-load shedding schemes.

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